Is it bad

to laugh at the next door neighbour cos they can't back down their driveway? Even after 20 years of living in the one place. They drive a small car. The driveway does a dogleg at the bottom. It has trees and shrubs on either side. There's always a lot of backing and filling. The other day they hooked the bumper skin off their bumper bar. They backed too close to a tree on one side of the driveway and to get away from it turned the wheel hard. Of course then the nose of the car pointed towards the tree and the bumper skin got hooked. The more noise it made, the harder they backed until they hooked it right off. If they had just gone straight, they would've been fine. Made their little car look a right mess with its bumper dragging on the ground.

I guess I can only laugh if I know I would've done it differently!


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