Give me a home among the gum trees

G'day all!

(whoops! I didn't publish this yesterday!)

I was looking for a place to photograph DH's Christmas socks in progress (means I don't have to knit him a pair in December, yay!) and realised where better than off the PiL's balcony!

Look at those socks - don't they look like they would like to live among the gum trees? Can you blame them?

I promised more yarn but I've been a bit distracted today. I've taken pics but now it is dark and I don't have good light to colour match with (well as matchy matchy as I can get with the laptop screen, which is to say not very).

Apparently I am feeling a bit twisted up at present. That's me in my jammy jim jams trying to persuade Nathan's laptop to talk to me. I was feeling quite comfortable actually.

Tomorrow I'll post more yarn. I know, I know, not much time to buy stuff if you are interested. And I really really need to get pics of the new beret but umm, well it's been over 30C for days and days and I really am not interested in putting a nice warm woolly beret on my boofhead.

BTW, today was Remembrance Day. I am ashamed to say I did not buy a poppy this year - I forgot! I had held off cos I wanted to find an old bloke who reminded me of Pop or the Old Man but I didn't and then I forget the silence at 11am too. Oh dear! No silence, no mindfulness, no remembrance. I feel like a bad person, forgetting that which I should remember.

Lest we forget.


  1. The socks have a suitable poppy colour in them, I pulled into a parking place right across the road from the Cenotaph for the One minute, good luck rather than good planning!!
    I can see now which bit of your is where in the lap top picture!!!


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