G'day all!

I'm a bit busy at the moment. It seems that not only do I have the majority of the crap to sort through here and figure out what to dispose of, I am also responsible for feeding DH and entertaining him and doing all the cleaning. OK so he has a bad cough that then turned into a cold so I don't want him near most things anyway but sheesh, he must be getting better cos he is bored witless and doesn't want to do anything. He says he has ennui. He wants to retire and grow plants. He had an interview on Friday, an interview that apparently went very well but if they want us they will have to pull out all the stops and make a good offer.

I'm going to have a bit of fleece to dispose of. I rented a drum carder and it is very good but I quite frankly am not going to card the 30-odd pounds of wool I have here before we leave. I could've hired the electric drum carder, which is very fast but weighs 20-odd kilos... I can only send fleece within the States unless other places have really slack quarantine. It is all washed but that doesn't mean it is clean, especially the stuff that has been in boxes for ages - it still has some VM in it and is going tacky again. Stupid fleece. Silly me for buying it all and thinking I'd have time to make stuff with it all.

Apart from the quilt top I am trying to put together, the crafting has been going pretty slowly here. I had better pull my finger out and get DH's Christmas socks done as my November pair of socks. I've been taking part in Sock a Month for the last hmm 18 months? Two years? Something like that. It has been very good for me churning out a pair of socks each month rather than singletons. OK so some of the pairs are not very pairy - there's always differences but still it is nice to have two socks to mix and match with other socks.

I also bought a heap of sock yarn to dye up. I'll bring some home with me and ship the rest. It should be fun! I can't do any work here now so any of my hand-dyed/hand-spun stuff will have to wait until I'm home. However I think it is ok to sell my possessions (with sales tax applied within California, etc). If it isn't, what on earth would I do with the car?

So much stuff, so little space to sort it out for keepings, givings/sellings and tossings. Fun for one and umm one!



  1. Oh he's suffering from ennui!!! Most amusing, though not for you I expect. My sister is moving to the mainland, her husband went a month ago and she is here with her daughter doing all the work, and still going to work. A woman's work is never done.
    I have made four socks in the last four weeks, one pair and two singles. I thought I was doing well!!

  2. Anything you sell second-hand you don't have to pay taxes on... think car boot sale, etc. They figure taxes were paid by the original owner for most goods.

    As for the car ... post on Craig's List? Ask at the yarn shop? Find a teenager who will pay cash?

    Wish we could see you before you leave.

  3. Hey, you could always pass the fleece my way! :) I would happily give it a new home.



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