An FO. Beaumont and more yarn

G'day all!

The other day I finished off my variant of Jared Flood's Beaumont tam/beanie.

Here it is in all its unblocked glory.

I knitted mine out of handspun (the purple is dyed by me targhee roving, the white is some Polwarth I think cos it is very soft).

I started this in France, knitted more in Switzerland and

finished it off just in time for some rather warm days in Oz.

I love the way the top makes me think of a starfish or some other radially asymmetric critter.

I am contemplating sending it to a friend who loved the colours. I am just not sure it will be warm enough for her in winter! She will experience much colder temps than those I am used to in either California or Melbourne.

Did you know it is almost impossible to take pics of the back of your own head (without a mirror or a tripod)? I took so many shots with only a corner of the tam in the shot.

Now for the important stuff. Yarn!

Sock yarn. Sockulator. Mmm. This one is pretty thick. I'd knit it on no less than a 2.75mm or US2 needle. The colours are fairly accurate - pinky purpley mauvey colours. 100g hank, wool nylon blend, SOLD

More sock yarn. Off and on. This one is most likely self-patterning and is based on Patonyle, 75% wool 25% nylon. I knit it on a 2.5mm needle, you might want anything down to a 2mm/US1. Black, clematis blue and plummy red. 2 x 50g, SOLD

Another hank of sock yarn! Old Boy. This is a mystery blend (ie I lost the label). It is a blend of various darker colours, burgundy, mauve, purple, grey brown, blues... all sorts of colours. The pics do not do this yarn justice. It has so many colours in it! 100g hank, similar weight to Patonyle, I'll discount it for being an unknown blend. SOLD.

Who wants some cranberries? Plummy reddy orangey colours that I suspect might be self-patterning. Skein pic is a bit duller and redder and the closeup doesn't show the orangey-browny bits of the real thing on my monitor. Another Patonyle base. AU $15.

If you like any of these, email me at natiel311atgmaildotcom and we'll arrange postage and payment. I'd like to see these yarns get new homes! (Before I succumb to their charms :-)



  1. I see a lovely five petal flower on the top. It so beautiful but far too unseasonal at the moment!!!

  2. Your tam is beautiful!


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