We'll be home for Christmas

G'day all!

How things change.

I've been sitting on News. Yep. OK, only for two days (oooh, just realised that it is Friday the 13th!) but that is a long time to sit on News.

We will be returning to Australia before Christmas. For good. Well at least for the time being.

We got our new visas on Monday. Hooray! Thank you US consulate for such quick processing :-)

But on Wednesday, we got a phone call. Nathan's boss called up and said that Nathan had lost his job. (The boss lost his as well). So no job = no visa. All that work for nuthin'!

But all our current stuff is in the US! The car, our day to day living stuff, my craft stuff, Nathan's hobby stuff, etc, etc. Plants. (And I was looking forward to being back and getting life back to normal. A big fat HAH to that!)

So we go in on tourist visas and get rid of our stuff or box it up to send it home and come back home.

This is good (Home! Christmas! Yay!) and bad (didn't finish things off in the US at our own pace, didn't get to Maryland Sheep and Wool or Estes Park, crafting stuffs are more expensive in Oz, now I have to get a job!). We will be able to catch up with friends and family a LOT more often. We'll be able to move back into our own place, with a garden and cats and be able to modify it how we like (within reason) and apply for govt rebates to get solar hot water, etc.

But I am a bit sad. I've gotten fond of my life in the States, the eternal crafting, cycling around, the cheap craft supplies, being able to do as I please much of the time. I'm very good at being unemployed. I'm fond of various people and places (mind you not so fond that I would give up being an Australian!). The US is facing big challenges with this recession and an opposition who are determined to fight everything the govt tries to do. I can change things in Australia, or at least vote and push my local council, local member of parliament and local senator to do things. I even get health care as part of being a resident/citizen. I can't change things in the US. Something to do with being a barely legal alien, subsidiary alien at that. Now I'll just be a visitor with even fewer rights.

Oh the fun of it all. I am soooo not looking forward to working out what to keep and what to try to sell and what to take to the goodwill and what just to chuck in the dumpsters.

Whatever happens, it seems that we'll be home for Christmas, and not only in our dreams.


PS what do you do when you don't have any current referees for job stuff? All my AXA contacts seem to have flown the nest and I can't really use anyone in the USA cos I didn't work with anyone there.
PPS I am looking forward to playing a heap of Bing for Christmas time. I like a good bit of Bing. Yes I am 150 years old. (Imagine if I was that old and still could remember my childhood - I would've experienced so much! So much change! So many wars. Just So Much.)


  1. Congrats I think? I think Christmas at home will be wonderful for you!

  2. Well that is cetainly news! I think its good to focus on the positive aspects of moving back home - and at least you are not in the position of having to make that decision. (good and bad aspects to that I guess). However, we will miss you...in person, if not on your blog.

    It's hard to have to pack everything up, but I guess you will have Nathan to help you. I'm sorry about what happened to his job and your having to move quickly and on someone else's timetable. Good luck and let me know if I can do anything.


  3. Ahhh!! Life is never simple, but one door shuts and another opens. Sorry to hear about Nathan's job disappearing.Maybe you can do a little quick purchasing while you are there packing up!!
    Bing? Excellent. The more Bing the better I say!!

  4. Awww, sorry to hear you're leaving before you were quite ready. Sorry you're leaving at all from my point of view. But I'm happy for you that you are getting to go home. Going home is very nice even if it does mean needing to look into getting a job. Let me know if I can help out in any way.

  5. Sorry you're leaving us, but I know your heart's always been back home.

    Let me know if there is anything yarn/fibre-y that I can take off your hands (-:

    You definitely will be missed.

  6. trudi1:59 pm

    "Doh!" for the job ending, but "Yay!" that you're coming home. Hope the packing/offloading isn't too difficult.

    Still hoping to catch up soon. I'm disappointed that I missed the opportunity this time, but glad there will be more.

  7. Lynne, I have been such a bad blog reader I haven't been keeping up with your busy life very well!

    Congratulations on your move and getting Home. I can't imagine the logistics of moving across the world but then I've never done it. You have. :-)

    Best of luck with everything. I'll try to keep up a little better!

  8. Sorry to hear about Nathan's job. Hopefully he'll find something new quickly.

    I've not been about lately but will tell you more by email. Thanks for the fab package which arrived Friday. It was perfectly timed. xxx


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