Happy birthday to me!

G'day all!

It's my birthday. I was supposed to be back in the States, collecting my birthday presents to myself there. But it has been a very exciting day.

Nathan's workmate has moved to a different area with a different boss. Nathan's boss boss has cancelled Nathan's project. The visas we are on are dependent on the specific job Nathan has been doing, not a job in a different area (eg if he moves to 3D graphics, he needs a new visa or to have the visa altered cos the old visa is for document layout and says he is a world expert in that area, which he is). We are supposed to be applying for the new visas for the old, cancelled, project on Friday.

So it is very exciting and interesting indeed. It indicates our return to Oz might be a lot earlier than we anticipated. I am starting to plan taking back an almost empty suitcase cos I have plenty of clothes/wool/etc there and I may as well stuff the suitcase full to bring it home.

It was Melbourne Cup Day here too - my birthday was on Cup Day! The race that stops a nation! It certainly stops Melbourne. The place is dead for about an hour around the race. You hardly see any cars or people on the streets. I thought it was only Melbourne that was like that but apparently pretty much every workplace in the nation has a bit of luncheon and watch the Cup. Of course we all have a sweep where you put in X dollars and get a horse or two drawn for you and if you are lucky, your horse wins or gets a place or comes last. I am never lucky!

I shall reveal presents later, when I have pics. But for now, after stuffing myself full at two BBQs today, I need to go sleepy bobos.



  1. Happy birthday! Hope it all works out with the Visa's.

  2. HAPPY BDAY!!! I noticed on rav this morning, your little cake beside your name but figured i'd wait for the blog post.
    Exciting news about the possibility of coming home sooner!! Keep us updated!

  3. happy birthday, belatedly! i'm a day behind, apparently.

    hope the visa thing works out.

  4. Anonymous10:51 am

    hsppy birthday Lynne! Great news!

  5. Happy Birthday, how nice of the nation to stop for your special day!!
    Oh, that's very interesting news, I hope it works out really well, whatever happens!!
    We go sleepy bobos to: thanks to The Goodies!!

  6. Happy Birthday!!! This really is an interesting day for you guys!

  7. Happy belated Birthday! I shall hold off doing/sending anything until you know where you'll be staying... hope things are sorted out pronto!

  8. Thank you for the birthday wishes :-)
    Visa interview went ok, as expected really.
    (Oddly enough, mr gmail has not revealed all the comments to me, or mr blogger has not sent them on!)


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