Slow and calm

G'day all!

What a stinky rotten day it has been today!

The weather is humid currently and has been for the last three or four days. We don't do humidity here, at least not warm/hot humidity. We know about cloying damp cold humidity (ie drizzle).

So it is horrid and yucky and people in the south of the US or north of Oz would laugh at us for being such wusses (remember that only two weeks ago I was freezing!). I spent a lot of the day weeding our house whilst DH fixed the fence so's it won't fall over for another few years.

My computer woes continue. I went to rebook our visa appointment from 9:15am on Friday to 8:15am on Thursday and their web security certificate had expired. Yep. US govt mustn't've paid its bills on time or something. Or someone forgot to renew the certificate. Anyway, no rebooking.

Then I remembered that the lovely postie (mail carrier for you Americans reading this) was due to bring all our mail, including my birthday parcel of yarn, to us today. But we are not there! Oh crap! My yarn is going to be returned to sender! I've emailed them but I don't hold much hope. I don't even have the confirmation number of the hold mail order so I can't extend it and they say they will only hold the mail for 30 days, which we've reached. (I'm guessing that is because they send us soooooo much junk mail that they can't hold the sheer amount of mail!)

Plus a blasted mossie has bitten me twice on the knee and it is reallllllly itching madly. And I've had to throw the linen for our bed in the drier to get it dry enough to sleep on/under. And I trawled almost all the way into town to go to a knitting meetup that noone bothered to say was cancelled because it is the day before the Melbourne Cup (like the day before the 4th of July - everyone goes away and the place is deserted). OK I did get a new sock started. The colourway is gobsmacking - an old skein of umm oh dear brain fart time, gosh I can't remember the name of the yarn, umm Vesper?, in Fire in the Sky, a lurid self-striping yarn in yellow, orange, dark pink. It will be for DH cos the colours do not appeal to me.

So to calm me, I shall look at pretty pictures of the orchids we found at Morialta Conservation Park in our trip to Adelaide last week. We saw lots of these caladenias.


Isn't that an amazing flower?



  1. Oh no! I hope you weren't trying to meet the Richmond Knitters?!

    We started out at the venue (but for some reason there was no chef = no food) so we absconded to the burger place at 7:20pm when we all got too hungry…

    … and I really want to meet you too!

  2. We had horrid humid 28* and now today we have rain and extreme wind weather warning. We are an equal opportunity weather state too!!
    Glad you could start some socks- it was too hot to knit there, the wool wouldn't slide along the needles.


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