Adelaide socks

G'day all!

Whilst my laptop is being agreeable (though it is running on the battery currently cos SOMEONE turned off the circuit it is plugged into AGAIN), I thought I would post a few pics of the Adelaide socks. These were my second set of Socktoberfest socks.



I am very tempted to call them the sea anemone socks. I think you can guess why.


But I've called them the Adelaide socks because that is where I knitted most of them. There and on the way back on the train.


More details on Ravelry.

I've managed to crash Nathan's computer so thoroughly I can't figure out how to turn it off. It won't respond to anything I've tried, though the button that I think is the on/off switch may not be on/off at all, it might just be the stop playing button. I has a talent, I tells ya. I should be a tester for new programs and stuff cos I can break anything just by running it.

Okley-dokley, gotta go read websites whilst this computer is still running.



  1. Gorgeous twinned socks!! I thought at first they might have been named after Queen Adelaide, and in a way they are!! Love the frilly cuffs. You have special computer superpowers, obviously!!!

  2. I love these socks! You have knitted them up beautifully. Love your querkiness of having different coloured socks...but the same. Do you have a pattern for these?

    Diane (in Western Australia)


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