Sunday, November 01, 2009

Adelaide socks

G'day all!

Whilst my laptop is being agreeable (though it is running on the battery currently cos SOMEONE turned off the circuit it is plugged into AGAIN), I thought I would post a few pics of the Adelaide socks. These were my second set of Socktoberfest socks.



I am very tempted to call them the sea anemone socks. I think you can guess why.


But I've called them the Adelaide socks because that is where I knitted most of them. There and on the way back on the train.


More details on Ravelry.

I've managed to crash Nathan's computer so thoroughly I can't figure out how to turn it off. It won't respond to anything I've tried, though the button that I think is the on/off switch may not be on/off at all, it might just be the stop playing button. I has a talent, I tells ya. I should be a tester for new programs and stuff cos I can break anything just by running it.

Okley-dokley, gotta go read websites whilst this computer is still running.



  1. Gorgeous twinned socks!! I thought at first they might have been named after Queen Adelaide, and in a way they are!! Love the frilly cuffs. You have special computer superpowers, obviously!!!

  2. I love these socks! You have knitted them up beautifully. Love your querkiness of having different coloured socks...but the same. Do you have a pattern for these?

    Diane (in Western Australia)


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