The longest day

G'day all!

We are going back to yesterday tomorrow.

Yep, we are off to the States to pack up our stuff and move home.

I really hope they will let us in.

So we cross the dateline, which means we are in today, not tomorrow, for a while and then tomorrow will dawn for the second time. Golly it is confusing doing that! Then when we come back we will lose a whole day! If we leave on Saturday, we basically lose Sunday and arrive on Monday.


Anyway, no new knitting to show off. I have been knitting on stuff but I don't seem to be making measurable progress even though it is clear that I am (12 row repeats are easy to count!). I have to shove it in the suitcase we are borrowing. Hope the wheel doesn't fall off this suitcase. It is deucedly inconvenient to have one less wheel than the case should have.

It's going to be sad, sorting out my US life and packing it for shipping or packing it for our friend who is moving to SF after Christmas or putting it on Craigslist or on freecycle or sending it to Goodwill. I was looking through some photos that I have never shared (and there are some fantastic shots) and I am sad that I will not be able to go for various drives that were wonderful. I love the Sierra Nevada but never saw the aspens in their fall colour and never really saw them at the peak of summer either. I am sad to be leaving various friends, but if they are friends then it won't matter that 10 years have passed, we'll still be friends.

There are of course compensations (like being able to visit Kuranga, one of the best native plant nurseries in Oz, where I took the flower pics). I sat on the train the other day, coming home, and looked on the tatty backs of the houses and light industrial places and shops (rarely their best angle!) and marvelled at how they did not dissuade me from my love affair with my home city. Everyone has a bad angle (heck I am *not* photogenic and getting a good shot of me is like finding hen's teeth) but for me Melbourne is most marvellous, even when I'm looking at a row of dumpsters and a back lot full of weeds. Or the Dandenongs, icons of Melbourne, from a building lot.


Melbourne is my home. Melbourne is a part of me. I can't really imagine living away from her. I have been but that was never going to be long term. It was while we were amused and occupied and had an income.

This place is my place. This city is my city. This is where I grew up, where I have lived for most of my life. This is where, if I may use an Aboriginal reference despite not having a drop of Aboriginal blood in me, my dreaming is. This is where I feel most connected to life, where I feel I understand the rhythm and flow of life. It's been grand getting to understand a little of a different place but I've not felt a part of it. I've never had that intrinsic understanding, though it's been fun trying.


Tomorrow we get on a plane and then change to a big plane and fly away.

Then we'll fly away home.



  1. I'm heading back to SF tomorrow, too...but I suspect you will arrive before I do. My plane arrives in SF around 14:15.

  2. Bon Voyage! Look forward to your safe return

  3. Hi, Lynne,

    Big news from you! I think you put into words exactly what I have felt living here...just the reverse of what you have felt living in SJ, I guess. Glad you will be returning home soon. Melbourne is a wonderful place, I know!

    I'll miss you at Stitches in Feb. Maybe we'll have a chance to catch up on one side of the pond or the other...

  4. I think it's all the to-oing and fro-ing and the packing and unpacking that is the worst part. True friends will always be friends.
    There is no place like home: if only you both had some Ruby Scissors!!!


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