Stress head

G'day all!

I can tell I am a stress head at present. I can't focus on anything for more than about 10 minutes. I have not finished my pair of socks for the month, for the first time in over a year, maybe 18 months. OK, I only have to do another 5 rounds or so of ribbing on one and the leg of the other but I don't think I have time to finish them.

We are into serious packing now. I have not yet booked sea freight for our stuff. I have a pretty good idea of how many boxes we are looking at so I reckon by the end of tomorrow I can get a couple more quotes from places that seemed reasonable.

(If that is a repeat, please excuse me. It is from 9 days ago when we drove up to SF to get a drum carder and then drove around a lot not quite in circles)

I can also tell I am stressed because I am shopping madly. Sometimes it is real shopping, sometimes it is online virtual window shopping. I want so many new fabric lines that I am seeing online that it isn't funny. I want this one cos it is called California Dreamin. I want this one cos it is so doggone cute. This set looks cute and lurid, just my style! I want to buy some Dream in Color Starry (sock yarn with a silver thread in it). Particularly this one. Or almost any of the pretty girly mermaidy colours.

I'm also stressed cos later this week I say goodbye to my car. I sorta like my car, if he was a manual he'd be almost perfect. (That's a pic taken by our mate AMac in Death Valley.)

I have so much fleece to fix up. I had sent a lovely fleece off to some processors for washing waaaay back when I bought it at Black Sheep Gathering in June. I finally got it on Saturday. It is a lovely fleece but now I regret not getting it processed as well cos most of it will have to stay here. I've emailed AQIS (Oz quarantine) to ask how clean is scoured and how much does the sterilisation (sticking it in a autoclave) cost if I have not cleaned the fleece well enough? Fleece (processed) goes in its own box. I don't want to lose other stuff if they decide that they want to destroy the whole box.

OK, brain is melted enough. Time to destress by knitting on a deadline. LOL Hope that I sleep tonight. I've rarely had insomnia but at the mometn my brain is working overtime.



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