Upside the head

G'day all!

There are times when I get very frustrated being me. Right now is one of them. Right now is when I've just remembered that I made chicken stock last night. I turned it off before we went for our walk to let it cool down enough to go in the fridge overnight.

Guess where the chicken stock is still sitting? Guess where the leftovers of last night's tacos are still sitting?

Guess who made chicken stock from the roast chicken bones earlier in the week? Guess what I did with that too?

Are you surprised that I whacked myself upside the head on both sides? (And now have a headache?)

It seems that after getting back from our evening walk, I am a zombie and forget all about food. If I don't get stuff done before I go for the walk it won't get done (except for automatic things like brush my teeth and wash my face before bed).

So distract you from the folly of being me, I give you colour.

Remember this?

That is a whole heap of umm, erp umm Finn cross fleece I chucked in the dyepot over a month ago. Well, I flicked it all out, spun it up as a single, making a nice big ball of yarn and started knitting.

It made this:

That is the YarnHarlot's one row scarf. Except it is mine. I made it all!

It is a nice easy pattern that you can do pretty much anywhere. One row makes it easy to remember so it is excellent tv knitting or out chatting with friends/family knitting. So simple. So effective! I might call mine Marilyn (one row). Thanks for sharing it with us, Steph!



  1. Good gracious, woman, you are far too cursed with genius in dyeing and spinning and knitting to worry about such mundane things as food.

    Genius, I tell you. It's beautiful!

  2. Wow, that scarf is gorgeous!!!

  3. that scarf is beautiful! and don't worry, i do that with food all the time. my husband has an even worse memory than i do. we joke that when we're old we're just going to wander around yelling at each other, trying to figure out where we left all our stuff.

  4. Love the scarf. Very pretty.

    I have to throw out forgotten food if I don't pack it up right after dinner too. Once the water is boiled for the after dinner tea, the siren song of the knitting needles begins and I have to answer.

  5. That's an amazig looking scarf! What colours!! Really really beautiful, I quite envy you :)

  6. Ok - I'm intrigued.....when SHE says "I took strips off the batt, working from one side to the other, spun singles 1/3 the grist of the final yarn (or what I thought would be the grist of the final yarn)" - did SHE mean laying out the whole batt, breaking off strips, and using all the strips of one colour then on to the next etc etc? I mean of course she did but just wanted to check.

  7. Post-its. You need post-its :)

    That's a gorgeous scarf, and all the more so since you spun the yarn youself, of course!

  8. From personal experience (I saw the scarf in actuality yesterday), that scarf is brilliant. And to think it was all done with singles - hmm, must try this idea, too.

    Well done - again - Lynne and I hope the little pinky is feeling much better.

  9. Love the scarf. The colours are gorgeous! You did well.


  10. I agree post-its and the scarf is gorgeous :)

  11. I write myself notes all the time, or things fall apart quickly... Lovely, lovely scarf!


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