What a day!

G'day all!

What a day it has been.

This was the highlight:

(Doncha love that double chin I am displaying as I try to hunch down some? I hope someone does!)
(There were a couple of lowlights involving missing trains after RUNNING 70% of the way)

Tomorrow, CNCH - conference of Northern California Handweavers, or just as importantly their market and display! I have to be out the front of our apartments by 8am. Ack!

I am declaring Monday a day of rest and blogging pics, with any luck.



  1. Yay for sock pics with The Harlot!!

    8am? That's LATE! LOL :-)

  2. Who's that woman with you, Yarnivorous??!! Stop with the chin thing- your chin is Fine!!
    Have a great day!!1

  3. How awesome! Isn't she great???

  4. Wow! I think it's a great picture! And what a weekend!

  5. Great pic! I agree, chin is fine!

  6. she puts on a good show huh??

  7. ah! Very cool with the Oz dishcloth, in the green and gold!

  8. Hey - you're on the Harlot's blog!

  9. What fun! :)

    (Just catching up with you now as eyes have been wonky lately!)


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