Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This is me

(I wish it was my photo but I stole it from the wikipedia page on crabs)

Grump growl grump. Having a bad day. Having a rotten WEEK!

grump growl.....


  1. So sorry! Hopefully things will brighten soon! I like the crab photo.

    (by the way the word verification for this starts with yarn...)

  2. I like the crabs! They are cool. Well, the picture anyway ;)

    Hope that your next day is better. Been hanging out with some rowdy Aussies lately. Those ladies are a hoot. A little on the wild side. Which is probably why I like them!

  3. i have had a similar week.

  4. Mmmm. Now I want crab! Hope you're feeling better soon though :)

  5. Hope your week got better!

  6. Please tell me this means you're feeling crabby, not that you've got 'em (in your unmentionables).

    Now that really would make you feel crabby...


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