G'day all!

I am no longer grumpy but dangnabbit! A cop just cited Nathan for riding on the footpath. Grr. Nathan rides about 20m on the footpath cos it is the way to the train station and bingo bango they nab him. That is the only time he rides on the path! It isn't actually clear from the Californian highway Code or whatever they call it here that it is illegal but there was a ped so Nathan was "being dangerous." And the cop called him an illegal immigrant.

I would love to show you photos of all the lovely things I've seen recently to take the edge off the dangnabbits but they are on Nathan's machine and I have to copy them to mine rather than just looking at them through the network (cos looking at them via the network doesn't work at the moment). I have lots of pics and couldn't find them cos I forgot they were on either my desktop (which is out of action) or Nathan's, which is inconvenient.

I bought 3 balls of yarn today. My bad!



  1. They have funny rules in the US. pao got a parking ticket because he was parked facing the wrong way.

    Glad you are feeling better.

  2. Illegal immigrant?? Hi didn't. Actually, I fully believe he did of course. Did Nathan have his Visa on hand to show the fuzz?

  3. Crumbs, that's a bit rich isn't it, "illegal"?! Dear me. They maybe need to take some lessons in politeness ;-)

    Parcel is on its merry way to you!

  4. An Aussie, BUGGER! as an exclamation!


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