Drops tshirt progress

G'day all!

Thought I would show you some pics of my Drops tshirt 81-6.

These pics date from a week ago! *blush* I am soooo bad not putting them up.

I decided that I should try some fancy shots like I see pretty blogs like Brooklyn Tweed and others doing. Do they do it for you too?

I've now completed the back and worked and reworked and reworked and worked again the sleeve. The sleeve as written for my size would give a sleeve that is nearly 40cm around! I may have giant arms (with great big strapping muscles, well maybe not great big muscles) but like 40cm is a BIG arm for someone who is not *that* well fleshed. Plus when I worked out how long the edge of the sleeve would be, it was not long enough for the armhole of the tshirt body. So I tried to make up my own sleeve. The first attempt didn't have enough space in the head of the arm, the second was better, the third revealed that I needed a slightly larger sleeve and the fourth? Almost right! Hooray!

So now, at this very instant (except I am blogging), I am picking up the stitches around the neck, having set in the first sleeve and taken details of what I did to make it fit in the armhole. I'll get the neckband done soonish and then knit the other arm and sew the thing up and bingo bango, I'll have a new tshirt! Yay me! (Boo hiss, I'll have to hand wash it.)(mental note to self - next tshirt should be made of machine washable yarn.)



  1. Great T shirt but I am sad about the handwashing too.I love the colour. What is with the giant sleeve??? Obviously for Robert Downey Jr!!!!

  2. Like the arty photos, the one of the cable is most excellent!


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