Fleece pr0n

G'day all!

Meet Sarah.

Isn't she luscious?

Couldn't you just roll around on her all day long? Soft and gentle, Sarah feels wonderful!

I "stole" Sarah away from someone else but she was willing to come with me. For a price ;-)

I am so glad she did, for I will have many hours of pleasure with Sarah :-)

Sarah the merino sheep is alas no longer with us. This is her last fleece. It is beautifully soft. Hope I don't want any more of her fleece! Sarah will be my next big spinning project I feel, though I do want to spin up some CVM to dye and sell.

This week has been a bumpy ride. Woot, meeting the Yarnharlot herself! (I got videos of her knitting - not very good videos but interesting all the same in my attempts to teach myself how to knit without moving the right hand needle.) Kinnearing her socks (loksins I think), though the shot was woefully dark. Meeting all sorts of whacky people. Going to CNCH with Raspberry and her friend (who doesn't have a blog?). Then I needed some cave time, being an introvert and all. I sorta hit the ground hard after floating all weekend. Plus my computer has been *very* naughty indeed, to the point where my husband wrote to the Ubuntu people offering my services as a destructive tester. All I do is the standard stuff, I upgrade stuff when I am supposed to, I don't change the default settings cos I am lacking knowledge of the consequences (except the latest release uses a program to download the photos from the camera that then does not delete the pics from the camera - who wants to delete 500 still shots and videos one at a time?), and my computer goes all flakey. (Note DH has since discovered that something he set up is apparently very flakey in the current release). Anyway, I am now using the laptop. It is annoying cos if I get my thumb pads within an inch or so of the touchpad, it moves the cursor around (and indeed the cursor is well named as I do curse quite a lot when I realise I've been typing away merrily in the wrong place). Also the wireless keeps dying - that is really peeving! Then again I could just use the wired network.

I've been out to a knit meeting - Santa Clara knitters on the meetup board - and that was good. I showed off my Queen of Cups socks and the shawl/wrap I recently finished that is Secret, and got trumped by Amy's most beautiful featherweight shawl. LOL Always the way. I am such a tryhard! I've consolidated my fleece holdings and have to pay for one (sorry Cary). I've enable some folks with talk of some fleece and I have to email some suppliers back home. Plus I've realised as I've been digging around in stuff that I am having another homesickness bout. I think it is because I've met people who remind me of folks back home and also we are coming up to a year (ok in six weeks time) away from home. Nathan sometimes talks about being away for 5 or 10 years and I just go all wobbly inside. I can't imagine being away from home for so long (plus the cats will be old and Cheshire might even be dead if we are away 10 years). That response makes me wonder if I have actually settled in here at all or am just on a loooooooong vacation. At least I am making friends, and that is good no matter how long I am here :-)



  1. It's probably the indeterminate period of time that would get me the most. Plus, you have a house and all so it will always be "back home".

    Life probably would be different if you had picked up an moved here permanently.

    I do hope you get to go back for a holiday or two during your time in CA. (If for no other reason than to raid your stash!)


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