For anyone who lives where it is cold

G'day all!

Had to show this off.

yep, that blurry thing is a mutant tomato growing on our mutantly small bush (its mates are about half a metre high, this one is about 20cm high).

Amazing, eh? Never had a tomato growing this early in the season - never had them before Christmas back ome (remember Christmas = summer for me) and here we are barely May and there is a two week old tomato!

Oh and we have peas too :-) I'll torture you later with them :-)

(back soon to show off last week's socks, thence to the Maker Faire and my new acquisitions)


  1. I am both deadly jealous and slightly confused -- is it tomorrow where you live too? Why does this entry say it was posted tomorrow?

  2. Ah, as it turns out, I am living in the future still, even though I am in the past on west coast USA - my blogger time is still in Australian time. Mebbe I should change that.


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