G'day all!

We hired a car. It is very strange driving. Very quick to get to WF and back but I feel so divorced from the road. We are going for a LOOONG drive, ok not that long, only up to Tahoe in the Sierra Nevadas. It turns out to be a long weekend here in the USA for Memorial Day. So we will drive to SF and pick up a work friend of Nathan's and choof off into the wild blue yonder.

So far I have packed food, some clothes (suitable for a place that is good 2km+ above sea level - that will knock us around!), a book to read, a little knitting (of course - new socks, just finished a pair in a WEEK after the horrid PS sock of doom and despair that took two weeks of knitting for one anklet!), toiletries better come too eh? Don't want to be stinky! Ah, the spare electric kettle cos we like tea and my breakfast has to be soaked in very hot water. Umm, hope I have what we need! We don't have accommodation booked but I looked online yesterday and there was a lot available, not necessarily very cheap but a lot available. I have the insane urge to vacuum the place too before we leave. And the lights are suddenly full of dead bugs - I guess it is bug season. At least I refilled the hummer feeder - we seem to be feeding two different tribes of hummers and they keep having stand offs at the feeder. The young ones are a lot less wary of me than the old ones and will feed with me standing a metre or so away. The females also get desperate enough to feed but the male gets agitated and chit-chits at me. One came and checked me out quite closely, reminding me of how sharp those long beaks are by flying about 20cm in front of my nose.

Eventually I shall show off pics of the two new FOs that I have to show you but not quite yet. I need pics of them first! Maybe I shall take them to Tahoe and try to get some beauty shots but then again the forecast is not exactly perfect so time will tell.

See you next week :-)



  1. Have a fun trip!!! I love Tahoe, my aunt and uncle live there.

  2. Have a wonderful trip!


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