Will it never end?

G'day all!

A while ago I got the call to participate in SAM5. I was on the waiting list and got called up in March.

Alas I've lost my sock knitting mojo. Last month's socks, the Spring Socks, were hard to get done in time for the deadline (especially since I kept changing the pattern -I was making it up as I went along). This month's socks, well.... They are really pretty socks. I pulled my finger out some last week in between making christmas stocking. I finished the first sock yesterday evening at the SnB gathering in Campbell (at Sonoma Chicken Coop around fiveish if you are in the area). I've knitted the second sock over the last two days - hardly 48 hours from start to almost finished.

Almost finished. Today I've knitted from the heel up. It has been a struggle. I am soooo over these lovely socks. I just want to finish off the Christmas stockings for my friends' kids and knit me a nice new top but I have to finish these socks.

Can you believe I can't get motivated to finish the last 10 yes TEN rows? If I wanted I could knock them off in much less than an hour but y'see they have lots of knit through the back stitches. For some reason I have decided I don't like ktb.

I guess I'll keep plugging away cos if I do, then I will finish them and I'll be able to show pics and you can gush over them and I'll put them away for summer and mebbe find some panda Silk that I know I have someplace, or maybe the silkie STR that I have stashed... But first I will finish the stockings and also my new top-in-progress.

On a slightly different note, when you load this page at Jo-ann, do you get a list of supplies including embroidery scissors, a magnifying light and acrylic paint (that is out of stock)? Weird! I guess their database was told that it needs acrylic so it found acrylic (after all the pattern is made from Homespun, which is not at all homespun but is somewhat acrylicky).



  1. Yes, I do. Obviouly HAL is organising the knitting supplies!!!
    Go on, finish the sock and it will be over. I hate ktbl too!!

  2. I can so sympathize with you on those 10 rows. I'm in the middle of an easy sweater and I just am so sick of it! I need to get the motivation to just plow through and finish.


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