I am real!

G'day all!

Well good news in between wrangling my computer - I am REAL!

I have a Social Security Number! This means I can get a tax record and all sorts of stuff, assuming I ever get off my butt and get a job or start making stuff to sell. I can register for things, I can do stuff that has been barred to me, all sorts of fun!

Most impressed I am - after all it is not long since I applied and it is already here!

I expect to have a busy weekend - the yarnharlot is at the Maker Faire tomorrow so guess which day we are going to the Maker Faire? I'll take pics if I can. And on Sunday I almost have a lift to CNCH in Sacramento, a big weaving/spinning conference and marketplace. If I was really greedy, I'd try to swindle me a ride to the Jordana Paige warehouse open day on Monday but I am not that keen. After all, me and a nice bag are like chalk and cheese, particularly as I tend to bike a lot. I love nice things but I am not very good at wearing them or keeping them nice, so I tend to go for purely practical. If I can't walk in it or it requires constant adjustment or it is too hard to lug around then I don't have it.

I shall show off some more knitting soon, soon I promise. I have been making stuff, I've just been busy and then with the computer woes (one day I will learn not to download something when it is a new release, you would think that since I have a brain I might learn but apparently not). DH suggests I use the laptop and he will reinstall from scratch so that everythign is consistent between all our computers. Might be a good idea!



  1. Oooh you get to go the Maker Faire... I am so jealous! Congrats one becoming a "real" person :)

  2. Oh, I was so hoping to go to the Maker Faire, but I won't be around the bay area this weekend. Have fun!

    Yep, my cats are both pretty docile. They are used to being handled a lot. Still, a fast shutter speed on my camera helps.

  3. Congrats! Thats wonderful that you are real now!!!

  4. KarenS9:01 am

    Hey, good thing that you're now REAL over there as well as over here, LOL. Mebbe you can get a part-time gig in a yarn store or somesuch?????? or would you knit all the profits???


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