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G'day all!

My web host is down at the moment so pics are not happening from it. Since I now have a Flickr pro account, I might start using it for pics instead. BTW, I am natiel3 on Flickr. I've started putting up pics from our travels on it. Given that I took 700 pics plus some wonky-vids on the weekend and I tend to take about 200+ pics a day when we go someplace, this is going to take a while. And I don't put *all* the pics up, just the ones I think are worthwhile.

Strange things from the weekend?

Passing war/veteran's cemeteries on Monday. Each grave had a little American flag stuck into it. There were a lot of graves and a lot of flags. (Wonder where the flags were made? USA or China?) Memorial Day is a big thing here. We don't even get a day off for Remembrance Day back home.

The rental car having the engine light on for most of Sunday, then it disappearing once we were back at sea level - must be some sort of altitude effect.

Admitting that most of the GM (Chevrolet) cars I've driven here were surprisingly good to drive (even the crappy little Barina oops Aveo was more competent than I expected - at least it went up hills ok unlike the Corolla I drove).

Finding that beautiful as Tahoe is, I think I still prefer Colorado's Rocky Mountains. It is easier to walk around the feldmark in Colorado and also easier to get to the true alpine areas. Mt Evans will remain a highlight of our time in Colorado and we only spent a couple of hours there by accident (thanks to the lady at the visitor centre in Idaho Springs).

I'll have to get some pics of recently finished items. The only pics I have of me in the Drops tshirt are when I was playing dead. I hope the server comes up soon cos I don't want to have to fiddle with stuff and work out how to make flickr pics display the way I want them to...



  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing your photos.

  2. Tahoe is lovely, but really you must see Yosemite. Preferably before the Summer crowds are there. If you like to camp I can tell you some great spots, especially if you don't need "soft butt" camping. don;t know how else to put it! Sen me an e-mail if you want any info...


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