New sock

G'day all!

I am trying to get a head start on the socks for this month. I thought I was doing really well last weekend - I was almost up to the heel turn! Yay me!

Then I did a reality check. I am knitting finer yarn than usual (Panda silk) and it is lovely, if a bit splitty. I am knitting more stitches on smaller needles. I've gone up a few stitches from normal. I've used the same sort of heel as I have been using recently (Cat Bordhi's Riverbed architecture). And I've made a sock for someone with a somewhat more plush foot than mine. The sock was big enough for one foot with the other foot trying to get in too!

So I had to rip out half the sock. It has moved on a little since this point:

and I'm doing a shortrow heel this time around, just to be different. I'll put a little gusset into it - about 10 stitches increased for a little ease across the instep. I'm pretty flatfooted due to general bendiness (you should see what my fingers can do!).

With any luck I'll have the heel turned by tomorrow evening.

In other knit news, I've almost finished the back of the Drops tshirt and am about to cast off the baby poncho that I've been sitting on for a while (the little tacker was not doing so well for a while and y'know I don't want to send something home at the wrong time....).

BTW, this is Holy Blessed Yarn. It is the sock the Yarnharlot held. I could extract her DNA from it, along with that from a few other people and make some amazing demon knitting spawn :-)

I have to catch up with a few people - I'm using the laptop and that means a whole lotta stuff is inaccessible as my desktop machine is being persistently naughty (?hardware problem?). It is slowing me down some (admittedly I am also reading a whole heap of green blogs whilst knitting frantically). I also have to dig up a number of passwords for websites that used to pop up automagically and now? My password file is on the old machine on a disconnected hard disk... If you reckon I am overdue for a visit or you haven't heard from me for a while, give me a poke and I'll visit!



  1. Cool. Now I know what Panda silk feels like knitted up. (I groped your socks at meetup.) I've seen the balls at Yarndogs but I didn't know what it would be like in sock form. :)

  2. Oh I did the same thing, only I had too few stitches on and I was past the gusset on the way to the toe. Oh, Holy Yarn Harlot Batman!!!


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