Swimming meet

G'day all!

Today I abandoned the lovely ladies of the San Jose SnB and trawled off with my darling husband to places far. Well, far if you have to take the bus and ride there. Must say we got a really good park, unlike most of the people there - they drove and the parking was a little limited.


Cos of this!

Yep, that is my nephew swimming in his pet event. The 200m breaststroke.

Is that exciting? A couple of pictures of a random swimmer in a yellow cap bobbing up and down. Almost as good as the gazillions of pics I took of whales years ago - they were tiny little specs in the photos. LOL

He came second!

There he is on the dias, on the left of the pic. It really is him!

For his efforts, he got a beany whale

(Which he gave to me)

a medal

(which he didn't give to me!!!)
a fancy water bottle and a TEN DOLLAR gift voucher! Don't spend it all at once! LOL

Craig and Nathan. (Would you buy a used car off the chap with the beard? Nathan was feeling a little sheepish but he was the one who wanted the photo :-)

Me and Craig. I think he is a rello.

Craig. Don't eat him all up, ladies! (Sorry chaps, he's not interested.)

If you like reading race results, you can find them here.

We then rode like the wind home. I was in 3/6 for about half the trip and going like a steam train, or so I thought. It took us half an hour to ride six miles - danged traffic lights! I thought we were fast but 12 miles per hour is pretty slow...(but faster than walking by lots!).

I have FINISHED OBJECTS! As long as you don't want pairs of objects that is, although the second of one pair is coming along nicely already, and I've only had about 1.5 hours of knitting time on it so far.



  1. prrrooww!!!
    Now thats an eye candy friday if I ever saw one ;)

  2. Oh how fun! Did he come there from Australia for the event? one of my daughters used to swim with SCSC. I have always had a fondness for swimmers...

  3. Look at the abs on that boy.

    He's got a 12 pack.

    *shrinks away, feeling like an old perv*

  4. He's very cute - like you :) It must run in the family!! What a nice way to meet up.

  5. He is a bit of eye candy, isn't he? He's a nice young bloke too. Sorta funny seeing the young man (22!) when I remember the baby.


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