17 years

G'day all!

Well maybe not the best of all days but not bad considering.

17 years ago on this day, after most of a year battling cancer, my mother died. It was a sad but in a way welcome thing. She had been so very sick and was fighting so hard, but there comes a time when you have to let them go.

Someones Back 'Ome are facing a different but very similar problem. Their baby was born with a severe disability. Baby can't swallow so she breathes in any of the usual upper body baby fluids and her lungs are shot. What do you say to a couple whose baby can't stay in this world, not for love nor money? She's only a little thing. She's not had much chance at life. They've tried so hard....

So on this sad day, I look at the good things, the memories, the things that are learned. I thank Mum for passing on the crafty genes (though the Old Man was a crafter too) and for keeping me alive when I was a little wusster (asthma) so that I can enjoy this life. I reflect, I think and I rejoice in the latest installment of the STR club yarn ;-)


And I keep knitting and plotting to take over ze world with cycle power. And wondering how on earth I will decrease my sock yarn stash:

(Two balls of yarn have been used since I took the pic two weeks ago, but I've got a new skein of yarn from the lovely Dreamcatcher - must show it off soon!)

I think I've got enough yarn to make 96 socks, not including the two HUGE (1lb) hanks of Wildfoote I got at the Brown Sheep mill. It's not as if I don't have about fifty sock patterns queued on Ravelry but many of those are not the sorts of patterns one uses with my beloved multicoloured yarns.

What sock patterns do you like? Which ones would work with bright and cheery yarns?



  1. Hugs to you, Lynne. It'll be four years on Sunday for my mom.

  2. Hugs to you Lynne. And for your friends and their baby.

    I have to say you have an impressive sock yarn collection. Wow. I wonder how many I can knit out of what I have? hmmm...

  3. (((hugs)))

    Thank goodness it's only 24 hours :) Thinking of you!

    For multi yarns, the Jaywalker or other chevron patterns seem like a sure fire bet. Also slipped stitch patterns, like Flutterby (on Rav) :)

  4. *talks with jaw grazing the floor* HOly moly girl, I guess you better get knitting!!!

  5. (Umm, that is only the yarn I have in the USA... doesn't include the stuff I left at home. Hi, my name's Lynne and I am addicted to sock yarn 8-)

  6. Young lives that shall never grow old,I remember my brother who I lost 18 years ago last January,my oldest son was born 5 weeks later.He would have been 40 this year,old age is making me miss him even more.My thoughts are with you.


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