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G'day all!

Another post! But a boring one for you. A good one for me!

I've decided to have a running total of my weekly cycling/walking/PTing activities.

So far since Saturday 2nd May, I have walked, cycled or ridden the bus/train for 173 kilometres! (That's just over 107 miles). Close to 20 of those miles were on the bike, 64 were on the Caltrain, 16 on the bus and the rest on foot. No wonder I want to have me a nice lie down and a bex! LOL

(I'm not counting those trips where I've cadged a lift in a car but if I did, this week would have about 250 extra miles added to it.)

Say that it costs 45c per mile to own a small car and put it on the road (current US figures are 54.1c per mile). That is nearly $50 saved! (Admittedly my expenditure was hmm, $14.50 for the trains.) Woot for yarn/fleece money! Plus how much carbon didn't go into the atmosphere? Depending on the sort of car I might drive, a small or compact car, would emit about 0.6 to 0.9lb per mile of CO2. Instead I used already existing public transport that emits a lot less CO2 per passenger than a car does, or my own legs which use even less (even given that I eat meat).



  1. Ahh, but if you take into account the carbon footprint for the extra food that it takes to fuel your walks and cycling, the picture changes a bit. It actually can be more carbon neutral to drive! (nb: I said "can", not "is".)

  2. Sorry, it's not even close. The well to wheels efficiency of a bike is about 0.16L/100km (1470mpg). And that's an average taken over the whole USA. When you consider that Lynne and I buy a significant (perhaps 50%) portion of our food from local, organic farmers, and that Lynne in particular rides at a relaxed pace, that number can only decrease. (the rest of the trips were made on well filled trains, with similar energy efficiency)



  3. Gorgeous fleece last post and for this one?,wow you must be getting fit!!!!


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