Stitches Stash, the nth degree

G'day all!

I hope this is the last in our little series of flaunting my new stash. I feel a tad embarrassed but I have a LOT less than some of the ladies I saw walking out the door (though they mostly said that they only had the opportunity to do this sort of shopping once a year at Stitches...).

The first shop I raced to when I got in the door was Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I expected to find that an hour after opening that it was almost denuded, with rabid women fighting over the remains.

Boy was I in for a surprise! OK the queue was 10 long but it was not the all-in brawl I had expected to find. I managed to navigate the store quite easily.

My aim was the Raven series, of course! I found one skein of Rook-y which I originally intended to send to a friend Back 'Ome but I could not let the yarn go.

Rook-y is a rainbow of colours under the black and you all know how much I love rainbow colours. The close-up shot is not the best but it gives some idea of the subtlty.

Then there is this Rare Gem:

I so have to play with overdyeing colours with black.

And Jewel of the Nile - of course I grabbed a lurid colourway!

And some Sheep to Shoe in Corbie:

(a little blurry)

The camera made the top in particular look much lighter and somewhat brighter than it is, but all in all considering I was photographing wool that is basically black in full sunshine, I was very pleased with how the shots turned out. Admittedly I did take them on an exposure setting of -2 but black is a mongrel to photograph and our camera was close to the cheapest one I could buy in Melbourne 15 months ago.

Oh, and after I snatched the "last" skein of Rook-y on Friday?

On Sunday there were about 10 of them! And the stall looked hardly touched despite the huge amounts of yarn I know were bought on Friday. Looks like they have really ramped up their yarn production. And I didn't even buy any of the other yarns they have on offer - I'm happy with the sock yarn - theirs is so squishy and bouncy (as long as you don't mind pooling).

Hooray! I think that is the end of the Stitches wrap up - well more my flaunting my goodies. Remember my pretties Back 'Ome or in other places far far away, you have to ask if you want me to locate stuff for you. I am sure we can come to a suitable arrangement!


  1. Ummmm. Hey, I made a pair of socks w/ that Jewel of the Nile colorway- hey are really fun and comfy!!!


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