A-maizing sock

G'day all!

How about some more sock love?

I cast on this poor lonely thing the day after I bought the yarn at Imagiknit in SF. I decided to play with some fagotting patterns and see what happened. I intend to do the second sock slightly differently, just to see what happens and if it looks a bit less "busy."

(Heh. I wondered why noone had commented - that is because I forgot to finish this post for two whole days!)

Yarn details: Crystal Palace "Maizee.
Pattern: toe up, using some random cross between the Riverbed and Ridgeline sockitectures by Cat Bordhi, lace pattern came out of my head using a faggoting pattern and the rainy day sock lace that I like so much. There are three repeats of the faggoting pattern (A) and two of the four stitch pattern (B). The colour of the sock is more accurate in the next pic.

This yarn is interesting. It tends to "squeak" in that it is a bit crunchy. Sometimes it makes that same sort of squeak as lightly cooked green beans or a freshly washed, crispy towel do on my teeth. Alas I am not at all fond of that squeak. It is icky. Still the yarn was quite good to knit - it does split if you are not careful cos it is made up of many fine strands. This made it difficult to rip back any mistakes - picking up yarns that have many plies is annoying.

I wore that sock and a woollen sock around the house a day or two ago. I think Maizee will be a quite fine summerweight sock but it is not so good for cool days (though the amount of breezeways/lace (aka holes) I put into it would not help its toastiness!).

I'll probably buy some more of this yarn at some point. I've only seen it at Imagiknit so far but I am sure it will be doing the rounds of all the sock-yarn lovin' shops soon. After all, I have only been to five yarn shops around the Bay area so far.

PS we bought an ultra dwarf apple tree last weekend and a heap of seeds to plant. I think that means we are staying a bit longer....

PPS there is a good quilting shop 10 minutes bike ride away. Will I fall down that slippery slope as well? I don't have sewing machine and need a vacuum cleaner first before any other infrastructure is bought....This one would do!



  1. Sounds like you are settling in! I haven't knit with the Maizy but Janice/Knit flix let me feel hers when it was new. Very interesting! I like trying out all of these new yarns!!!!

  2. Hey, Lynne,

    Glad to hear you are settlng in. I've enjoyed knitting with Panda Wool from Crystal Palace, and want to try Panda Cotton, too. I saw they have Panda Silk now, too...looked pretty nice! Haven't tried Maizy yet.

    Don't forget to make a visit to Article Pract if you make it up to Oakland. A couple of doors down from there, on the corner of 51st and Telegraph, is Bakesale Betty's (http://www.bakesalebetty.com)...a great coffeehouse and sandwich place. The owners are Betty and Mike...she's from Melbourne and he's a Yank. They make Lamingtons toward the end of the week...you can call and ask exactly when, and order ahead, in case you're suffering from Lamington deprivation. Betty was not there when we were in Oakland last three weeks, because she just had a beautiful baby girl, Hazel!

  3. OK, you sock may be amazing, and it is, but your written description of the squeak has set my yteeth on edge and I had to stop reading it. I hate that feeling!!! Happy planting- I'm getting a lemon tree tomorrow!!!

  4. I've got some of that in my stash and I'm very tempted to start knitting it right now! :)


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