Stitches West in sight

G'day all!

Stitches West is only a few days away. It is a loooong light rail ride away from me - will take about an hour to get there but in the scheme of things (as measured by Pacific Oceans) it is very close indeed. So Excited! If any of you out there want me to check out anything in particular, let me know. I'm not flush with cash at the moment* cos we are still in the moving in and acquiring Stuff stage but I'm happy to obtain samples of stuff for any who wants. Stitches West is pretty big - there's going to be quite a number of vendors there it seems. I have to get onto the ravelry group too and look up stuff there.

Still don't have what I call good email/internet access - have to use either the business centre here (one computer crashes when I run IE and access Yahoo! - not a good sign....) or go to Nathan's work for anything that needs to be more secure. I don't trust windoze boxes as far as I can spit (which is a heck of a lot less distance than how far I can throw a computer, especially if I am annoyed with the computer at the time). Can't load pics either unless I remember to load them on the laptop and drag that to Nathan's work. It almost makes me wish we still had these things call floppy drives, but alas most files now won't even fit on one of them.

I am still knitting and spinning, of course. One secret project is finished and given to Nathan for Valentine's Day (don't mention the war to him - after nothing for my birthday, Christmas or valentine's Day he's been thoroughly chewed on). Another secret project has not been finished and is being redone at present. A third secret project got 80% finished then I realised I had been a doofus and had not mirror imaged it, so half of it got frogged. It is well underway again now.

So things are still happening, just not online. Not having internet access is like losing a best friend. My main source of "company" during the day has disappeared. I can't email people when I remember stuff, which means I forget to email them when I do have access. Checking out blogs isn't happening cos I don't have much time online and when I have three gazillion emails to check out and a slow browser reader to check them out with... Given that it is now 5:20 and I have to be out of here at six and only have 250 emails to look through, I had best get a wriggle on!

Oh, for those wondering, I've met up with some local knitters/crocheters at the very local (ie walkable) SnB meeting. Hooray! More on that later.


* Ah, last night Nathan went to get cash out. He discovered that the threatened cancellation of his old card had happened. No cash. He has the new card but hadn't realised that the date of cancellation was here and hadn't activated the new card. His card was cancelled cos our credit union thought there had been suspicious activity on it (probably us getting cash out in Canada, truth be told). So we had five dollars on us to get home and get Nathan back to work again. BUT I have a card too! So I tried to get money out. Dangit! My card was cancelled too, but they didn't send me a card! Or a PIN. Nope, they just cancelled mine.
Turns out that my snail mail address is different to Nathan's, even though we have the same account number and I am not really a person here in the USA, just a body that exists without existing. I am not allowed a social security number = I do not exist. I think you know the problems that makes, or at least Americans should since your SSN is *everything*. Nathan updated *his* address thinking he updated both our addresses - after all wouldn't you think that the address for a primary card holder would be the same as a secondary card holder? Especially when the secondary card holder is not eligible to open a bank account (no SSN). But the credit union believes I am a separate entity, which is both good and bad, and left me in Fort Collins. Along with the new card and pin. Sigh. My third new card in as many months is on its way to me...


  1. Have fun at Stitches West! I hope you get your internets and bank stuff sorted out soon :)

  2. We had the same thing happening here with a baking merge. And the office is just 3 minutes away in town. They are Hopeless, the financial institutions!!!
    Have a lovely time at Stitches West!!

  3. Ooh that's no fun having your net access so limited. Hope you can get ot sorted soon. And Bad Husband for being so neglectful of special days, that is shocking!! :-o

    Hope the card arrives soon, that whole "no SSN, no person" thing is just awful and so very 1984 and scary. Have fun at Stitches West!


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