Stitches SEX, part un of many

G'day all!

I never knew SEX hurt so bad!

On Friday I wandered around Stitches West for FIVE hours. Yep, five whole hours. And I bought an Unreasonable Amount of Yarn (UAY)(see below). When I hopped on the train for the trip to the mall to pick up some shampoo for Nathan (Body Shop ginger - the only thing that stops scalp flakes for him) and turned my head, I had one of those freezing moments when you wonder if you'll always have your head turned to one side.

Yep, I suffered SEX neck strain. Ouchies! My neck unspasmed relatively so I looked as normal as I ever do but the referred pain down my arm was halfway to unbearable. The only thing that sort of soothed it, thank heavens, was Our Favourite Hobby, aka knitting. I knitted like a demon on the way home (see Doing the Solstice Slip).

I still had to walk a mile from the train/tram too when I got back and my UAY was not exactly helping and it was trying to rain on me. The only time the arm stopped burning and hurting fiercely was when I knitted or moved it a lot, which says neuropathic pain to me. Interestingly, a pain killer taken at 12:30am (ie when I got up cos I couldn't sleep due to burning arm) knocked the pain fairly much on the head and just left me with honest to god real pain where I had strained muscles from dragging a couple of not-very-heavy bags around on one arm for hours and hours and hours.

So what was it that caused me such woe?

This (except for one skein which I bought on the Sunday)

and this

(except for one length of roving which I bought on the Sunday)

Plus a whole bag of Noro Cash Iroha :-) Details later!



  1. Oh, hope the horrid pain is waning. Too much nice stash to comment on ie I am too lazy to comment on each post!! Love the silky bamboo sock wool, and the gren too. I think The Black Spot of Doomlight stocks cretins!!!!!!!
    Thank you for the nice tour. That Credit Card company is most boogelly indeed!!

  2. Nice haul!

    I see you bought some fiber from Margit (Fiber Fiend) - she is a dear friend and you should know that she is a local so it is easy to get more from her! (just so ya know...gotta do my bit of enabling too, right?!)

  3. Dribble - that lot looks awesome :)


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