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G'day all!

Ah the siren call of the sock yarn.

On Friday I had admired a lovely wussy colourway at Ellen's Halfpint Farm in a merino bamboo blend. I am particularly fond of of what I call lilypond colours - a blend of light spring green, mauve, baby blue and aqua.

On Sunday, on my second go-round (I have NO IDEA how people could put up with going three days in a row!) I saw that the yarn was still around. So it had an accident, well my credit card had another accident, and it came home with me.

MMmmmm, pretty, shiny!

I also saw this plait of wool and umm silk? Bamboo? I don't think it is bamboo fibre cos it appears to have dyed the same colour as the wool base. That sort of rules out tencel as well. The lady at the stall (Carolina Homespun) said if it was warm it was bamboo and cool if it was silk, or was it the other way around? Anyway it is prettier in the hank than it is in the pic. It came home with me too.



  1. Pretty, pretty. The yarn could still have bamboo in it. If it's blended with the wool and not a separate ply, it would just add a nice sheen.


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