G'day all!

Still not online unless I drag the laptop up to the business centre (= hassle, especially when it rains for five days in a row).

And alas the pics I was going to upload can't be uploaded cos we had a whoopsie with the domain name, which has expired (thoug if i had the IP address I could upload stuff to there). I have so manyt hings to show off - when we get decent access and I can upload pics, be warned!

Plus the pic I got at Stitches didn't come through to my email address so I can't put that up either even if we still did have a domain name....

So Stitches West 2008.

This was my first big knitty event outside of Oz, and really it was the very first BIG event I've been to. For Australians, imagine a stitches and craft size show (and for Melburnians imagine it in Jeff's Shed). Imagine that instead of about 5 places having yarn, only about 5 places don't have yarn. That is what Stitches West was like. LOTS of yarn! Lots of knitting stuff! Lots of pretties! I hit the Blue Moon shop first then hared off after Ravelry stuff. Despite entering heaps of contests I did not win a thing!

The timing for Stitches was great. It poured rain for most of the weekend - very unpleasant and a great time to be inside!

Did I buy yarn? Is the Pope a Catholic? Did I buy stuff to spin? Do fish swim?

Alas, no pics yet.

Hopefully we will soon be online properly. Nathan's work will pay for the internet connection but we have to organise it. I am feeling a bit isolated - just as well I am a natural hermit cos if I was an extravert I would've gone completely nuts rather than just a bit more crazy than normal.



  1. I'm SO envious of your time at Stitches! I've never been...when I lived in California I was into quilting, not knitting. I have been to the Pacific Int'l Quilt Show at the Santa Clara Convention Center, so I can visualize just how huge it is. Maybe next year!

    Hope all gets sorted with your internet connection soon...we need to see pics!

  2. You lucky duck!!! I reckon wool acquisition talk makes up for lack of pictures!!!

  3. So glad that you got to enjoy Stitches this year! I REALLY missed it and hope I can make it next year (though does seem slightly silly to travel halfway around the world for a yarn show...)

  4. Knitspingirl12:14 am

    Don't you think you're a winner because you got to go to such a wonderful sounding Stitches show?! Oh, to be able to see (& touch, and sniff, & fondle) all that yummy yarn in person! I'm green!
    (V glad you had a good time though)
    Love Tammie


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