28 Feb

G'day all!

Today my father would've been 90. And my car, now looked after by Gibbering, turns 10. And one of my family members quit their job and today is their last day. Hooray! They are moving to Melbourne after spending more than half their life in the country, albeit in a large country town. And one of my good mates had a birthday yesterday.

But me? No significant stuff is happening today, I hope! Just for those around me. I already have an exciting enough life, what with finding my way around this place, doing the housework, knitting, spinning, gardening, what have you. LOL We've been here a month! How it has flown! And we *still* don't have an internet connection. I am going less insane than I expected but I have plenty to occupy me, like wrangling with the bank over my card - they tell you to ring a number to activate the card and then what happens? The card activation place tells you that they can't do it cos your name does not match that on the card. Only you have to ring them three times and have an argument in the car park - now everyone that was home will know what my card number is. And the card activation people are very unhelpful - they only activate cards. That is all they can do. A blasted voice recognition robot would be more helpful than they are. Plus how on earth can they tell it is you activating the card and not someone else? They only ask questions that anyone holding the card could answer (what is the number, what is the name on the card) - like DUH! And I still don't have the pin so it is fairly useless anyway.

I am posting a whole lotta stuff today, all little snippets and bits and bobs, so be warned!



  1. Massive hugs to you. It's turned out to be a significant day for me too.


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