Current projects (one of many)

G'day all!

I have a number of projects on the boil at the moment.

Ages ago, at the Stitches and Craft Fair in Melbourne nearly 12 months ago (feels like a different life and I guess it was!) I saw a fabulous jacket, all garter stitch knitted up in Noro silk garden I think (I remember it having more silk garden type yarn than kureyon). It was asymmetric and made me think of Jedis. Well I Had To Have One For Me!

And I hunted down the book - I had to drive all over town cos the book was discontinued. And there was much rejoicing cos I had driven about 150km to find this danged book, and I got it for about 50c! Hooray!

Then I discovered I had already bought it three months earlier at a Christmas sale at my LYS.


I've remembered that jacket/wrap thing for some time and finally I had the yarn for it - a cashmere/wool blend from a thrift store jumper I unravelled. The yarn is all in greys but I can overdye it. I have some very nifty ideas about how to do that too.

(I doubt that I will pose like that, though I do have one decent pair of pants and a pair of ruby red high heels if need be)

Project details: Style Five from Zhivago book TB0001, Paton's Australia. Yarn - op shop recycle. Hope I have enough yarn!

Oh and that little dot of green? A stitch marker so I know where to put the second arm hole after I complete 33cm of garter stitch on 159 stitch rows. Heaven help me - why did I want to do so much garter stitch?

Here's a shot of the other fish marker ;-) I like this one - I have a "thing" for AB (aurora borealis) and oil slick colouring on glass. Pretty!



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