Doing the Solstice Slip (current projects 2)

G'day all!

I have been starting to knit my way through last year's Sock That Rock club offerings (except for the last one, boo hiss which I lost cos I didn't email blue moon to say hold that parcel cos I didn't know I'd be getting one last parcel and I didn't have email for some time).

Pretty, eh? The Solstice Slip in Firebird (I think that is the colourway's name). I knitted the toe and most of the foot of the second sock in Sunday whilst waiting to meet up with the SnB crew and then whilst waiting for the tram and being on it (note to self - check the time table and don't turn up 5 minutes late when trams run every half hour...). Note that the toe of the sock that awaits the EZ cast off is folded in. There is a reason for that.

I should really learn to read the pattern better rather than hairing off doing my own thang. The second toe I did in garter stitch. It looks a little suspect:

But the one I did in stocking stitch, then read that I was supposed to use garter stitch and fudged it by turning the toe inside out, well, umm, yeah. Considering I was knitting this on the train/tram mostly, I had to tuck it into the sock itself...

It even has a meatus of sorts. (The delicate of stomach should not look) I am waiting for it to animate and start singing like that fabulous ?english? ad (I wish I had the net so I could check to find a link to it). LOL

Now it was not just me that thought it was a bit lewd - at least one of the SnB ladies looked and started giggling. It isn't just me, is it?



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