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G'day all!

The Stitches stash pics will continue shortly. LOL. Of course this post will appear under them, but I thought I should say Happy Leap Year! It isn't often we get to see Feb 29th, so I thought I should make the occasion. (You don't wanna know what sort of mark though ;-)

I am currently setting up internet access with AT&T. I know 10 years ago we would've run screaming from AT&T but compared to Comcast they are easy peasy to deal with. Maybe they've lifted their game somewhat. I hope I don't have occasion to eat my words.... So far it looks like we will be online next Wednesday, that is if I ever get through the three brazilian steps needed to complete the order.

FREAKY! The windoze box next to where I am sitting with the laptop just randomly started up! I didn't touch it yet it is running.

OK. 20 steps later, I think the order is going through! I have a confirmation number. Hooray! With any luck we will be online in less than a week and I will stop having to drag the laptop up to the business centre or into Nathan's work. Hooray!

Time to start posting some more stash stuff and maybe a little on Victorian, on the move. I've been writing it all up offline, hence the lack of checking to see if links work, or occasionally the complete lack of links :-)



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