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G'day all!

Y'know there is a problem with some indie dyers - they are so indie that they don't even have a label on their products. Silly persons! Without a label how do I remember who they were and how to get more?

This indie dyer won't be a problem - Fiber Fiend labels all her stuff with her name and store URL. Plus Snidknits tells me she is a local and a good friend of Cindy's.

This is some bamboo in such a lurid colourway it had to come home with me. She was very pleased with how the bamboo turned out - I have the feeling she was a little worried it might not take the dye or something. Ahem.

Here are the fibres that I will have trouble finding again. The lady seemed very quiet and unassuming, at least the one who dyed them, not her large and loud blonde Valkyrie friend who was very friendly and helpful and one helluva enabler ;-) And they didn't have labels on their stuff. I need labels cos the wool fumes in such a place completely overwhelm me.

Some wool (likely merino from the hand of it)

And in a different format

Two silk hankies, not that you can see both in the shot.

Can anyone tell why I liked these fibers? :-)



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