Stitches stash, n-1

G'day all!

One of the delightful things at Stitches West was that various designers were there. It was like "Wow, you are a Real Person!"

One stall was occupied by Cheryl Oberle, who wrote Folk Shawls and Folk Vests. She is based in Denver (CO). I had a lovely chat with her - apparently the winter has been very cold there this year (when I had online access I noticed that towns in the area were often around -18C, which is negative F).

I ended up buying this book from her

and she kindly signed it though you can't see the signature cos I blurred it out and cut off half of it.

I am not really that interested in making vests per se but I love some of the patterns in the knitting and figure I can filch them to make other things. As long as I don't sell my patterns on or give them to people, it should be fine, right?



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