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G'day all!

Here is another of the projects I am working on at the moment.

See this full bag of Noro Cash Iroha in colourway 103 G? Cost me less than $60 at Stitches! There were a few stalls selling bags of yarn but this was the one that women were going nuts over. It was the place I expected Blue Moon Fiber Arts to be. There were about 50 women all grab-grab-grabbing and a couple of the shop assistants were standing in the middle of the yarn "corral" pulling bags of yarn out from underneath and throwing them on top and tossing bags of yarn to those who requested them. The queue to buy yarn blocked most of the aisle.

If you count the number of skeins carefully, you will realise that that is not a full bag. That is because of this:

Mmm, lurid Noro with some Fearless Fibers sockyarn held double as a contrast.

That is my "swatch." A swatch for a pattern that I can't even find a picture of online, not even on Ravelry. Looks like mine will be the first one, but it will have to wait until I have home online access - dragging the laptop and the book up here is Too Much Bother. Anyway, just as well it is a swatch and not a sleeve cos I realised that I made an awful error reading the two row chart. Yep, it showed the faggotting type pattern with four stitches either side, so I faithfully did four stitches either side, not the four stitches, then the pattern then the four stitches then the pattern that the design requires. Ah well, at least I was pretty spot on for stitch gauge if not row gauge even after washing the swatch and hanging it out like advised.

Oh, one of the designers at Stitches was Joan McGowan -Michael. She designed the pattern I am making. She is a local! I love her stuff - so girlie! I like being girlie sometimes though I don't get much chance as I am a) usually a slob and b) have to ride my men's style pushbike places so skirts are out of the question, or even nice clothes cos they will get sweaty. Joan is a very nice, helpful lady cos on the Sunday I blathered at her about some of the patterns and the Cash Iroha I had bought. I felt like an utter fan boy but it was nice to see a human being instead of a posh doll. I also got to see the original models of various of the items in her book, Knitting Lingerie Style. (I see she has a great special on the book too.) Seeing the originals was interesting, including how they are made! Gosh those girls that model stuff are little! Which is sorta odd given that Joan designs for bigger girls usually.

Whilst I am on the subject of the designers, I also got to see Jordana Paige (who does fab knitting bags one of which I might get one day when I am rich), Cheryl Oberle (more on her elsewhere), Lisa Souza (who was older than I expected and sorta similar to me only with more gravitas).... None of them were anything other than people, albeit people who have a calling and are very good at what they do. I missed out on seeing Nancy Bush or others of the knitting luminaries.

Anyway, my third current project now has proceeded past this stage:

a) the "swatch" has been ripped back so I can start it again
b) the back is now about 8cm long. It would be further along but it isn't my absolute current obsession (see Jedi Jacket).

I expect to have it finished before the end of March. Heck, that is only a month away!



  1. It's lovely - you lucky thing :)

  2. Just finished reading all your posts from Stitches West and I'm GREEN with envy! And you got to meet Lisa Souza, too! She lives in Placerville, I think, not far from where I used to live...gorgeous country. I read her blog all the time and have decided to order some yarn from her next time I'm in California (June!). And Cheryl Oberle, too! I've lusted after her book on mittens, which I think is now out of print, and her Folk Shawls book, too...glad to hear she's nice.

    You've got some yummy knitting ahead with that glorious stash!

    And I HOPE AT&T comes through for you Wedndesday. In the past I had hard times with them and found Comcast easier to deal with. Hope that's all changed for the better and that you'll soon be online at home.


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