Under the wire, just

G'day all!

It has been a good week for FOs.

Today I give you a pretty bad shot of the pirate fingerless mitts. That makes 8 days in a row of posting (half) finished objects! Yay me!


Yes one is slightly larger than the other - the first one is snug and doesn't allow for my watch. So I added four stitches to the ribbing of the second one. Not as snug and I have a chance of getting the watch under it.

Pattern: my own (I made it up as I went along).
Yarn: Mission Falls 136, not 1824, colour 024, also Koigu Kersti in all colours bar yellow.

I'll have to see if I can get some modelled shots of the mitts. It is hard to get good shots at night, though having looked at some pics I took today, it is harder getting good shots when you don't put the camera on AWB (auto white balance) for outdoors shots. The colour is gobsmackingly blue....



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