Heckuva weekend

G'day all!

Well that was one helluva weekend and I hope it isn't repeated EVER! I'm still fussing about the bushfires and we heard some bad news for a friend here. The weekend's events have really knocked us around.

No knitting news to speak of - I am halfway up the foot of the second sock, the beret is in the penultimate repeat I think, though maybe I should do more. I've been spinning like a demon - you should see one of the skeins! It is fan-*tastic*. Pity I didn't get any pics whilst it was light (and sunny! Cold but sunny today, showers/rain/showers expected for the rest of the week - oh please! More!).

Here's something I thought a bit odd. Last year the cherry-plums along the creek were in flower in late Feb/early March.

Here's one enthusiastic early starter just down the road from us

and the wild almonds along the creek are really revving their engines.

Early spring for us or just extra enthusiasm after a mild, strike that, warm January?



  1. Spring seems to be a long time in coming for us.


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