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G'day all!

Thanks to those who have commented on the baggies. I have plenty more to make up - the ones shown are just the tip of the iceberg of material I have been picking up ever since we got a sewing machine. Yep, I'm mad - it seems this is my current obsession - finding pretty, interesting and/or bizarre fabrics. My current favourite has cartoon fish of various types, all with open silly mouths and googly eyes along with happily grinning eels, loving cuttlefish/squid and dumb prawns. Y'see I have very little taste. I like the silly things in life. When Nathan goes to work, I can listen to all the Weird Al or Tom Lehrer (or Phantom of the Opera) that I like (note that DH likes Flanders and Swann). Given a choice of a nice sober black or brown bag that goes with everything and is noice or a lurid bag that offends the eye, possibly with shrimp or other bizarre critters dancing all over it, I'm so with the lurid bag. Colour makes my heart sing. I know some people are happy with black, white, grey and or beige/taupe/neutrals, but I love colour. Just watch me at a new yarn shop, especially if there is hand-dyed stuff. I'll head straight for the brightest colours. Then I stand transfixed. The rainbow or the mermaids or the baby pastels or the purple/mauves, the peacock blues and purples, the intense sea blue greens? Oh the agony of choice!

A couple of weeks ago, a LYS had a Superbowl Sunday sale. I hopped on up there and snagged me some lovely Manos wool and silk:
(you might remember it)

Now it has become this:
and I have most of a skein left over, I guess just waiting to be wrist warmers or something.

(A skanky close up shot of the pattern)

(A really skanky self-portrait that I only show cos I like my eyes in the shot)

Fern Glade by Megan Marshall
Manos del Uruguay silk wool 7032 or 300S depending on website or label
4.5mm (mostly - was too tight/stiff on 4mm)
Started: 4 Feb 2009
Finished: 17 Feb 2009
I would not recommend this pattern for a beginner. You have to be switched on all the time with it - it is pattern pattern pattern every round. But it looks fantastic and I am quite quite happy with it.



  1. What pretty headgear! And that yarn looks just scrumptious! With the baggies - there is always a need for little bags for school library books and such, and little girls jsut love to have bags to put things in, so i reckon, if you build it, bag buying people will come!

  2. Oh this is very lovely. Looks great on you.

  3. What a beautiful hat! I love the colour and the pattern.

    Have you seen this: http://whipup.net/2009/02/21/pyramid-purse/

  4. i am a color freak. in fact, there's a yarn colorway named for me called adminnie from space (www.cablesandlace.com). miss v and i have even talked about creating an Adminnie line that's a lot brighter than what she normallydoes.


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