Mmmm, stash

G'day all!

So I was up at Purlescence the other day for their Superbowl sale (25% off most yarns).

I came home with the skein of yarn I wanted, Shepherds Wool in umm Misty Blue (the colour he Meret is made from).
I had been hoping to get enough to make a sweater out of, even if I had to use multiple colours but their range of colours was smaller than it was three months ago and picking out ones that blended was not as easy as when I first looked. What a shame. It is really nice yarn.

Somehow two skeins of Manos and silk in a startlingly rich magenta-ish purple came home too.

Bad bad Purlescence not only had 25% off most yarns, they also had boxes full of 40% off yarns!

Bad bad bad me could not resist pawing through the boxes.

They had some really nice stuff. RYC wool silk - like buttah! I drooled over it. Zitron Nimbus. Mmmmmm. Organic cottons. Other stuff.

But I couldn't go past the Rowan pure wool four ply.

In baby pink. (Pic is a tad bluer than reality.)

Baby pink looks great on me - it blends with my skin in a good way. I glow. It is really pretty suckful but that is what happens when you are a blue eyed blonde who doesn't tan.

So baby pink it was, with one ball of white to act as a contrast. 11 balls of yarn. They cost just under $50 including tax.

Now I have to work out another pattern for 4 ply wool. I guess Rowan has plenty of pattern support. When I do have a pattern and have it all knitted up, it will look fantastic - finer yarns look nicer IMO but take more knitting.



  1. Wow - what a haul! I love the purple particularly. It could turn one's life around, couldn't it?

    I also agree that fingering weight yarn makes a prettier sweater, but means a lot more work. I used to knit only worsted weight, but now I do some of each - I often have a WIP on the needles in several different weights.

    I love the challenge of putting together different hand painted or hand dyed sock yarns into a sweater.

  2. Ooh nice stash enhancement!!


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