6 inches?

G'day all!

There's a reason why I haven't taken any photos of the current WIP. So far February has been a very satisfactory month for ducks. We've had just over 6" of rain, or in my terms 150mm. That is a lot of rain.

We had a couple of bright days late last week - SUN! - but I had barely started my latest opus then and it was not worth photographing. Now it is.

But instead you get to see
(a "wet" brocauliflower leaf. The flower itself was very yummy - different flavour to those bought in the supermarket.)

(almost sunset two weeks ago - this is more light than we've had recently.)

I would like to say there is light at the end of the tunnel but the best the forecast can do is "partly cloudy." It might be good enough though for some pics before or as I divide the fronts and back for the sleeves.

Most mysterious!

I've been doing lots of walking in spite/because of the rain. I hate riding my bike in rain - the roads are slippery and I get wet (nothing like the feeling of rain dribbling down your crena) and my glasses get rained on and I can't see. I would get contacts except my eyes are dry these days and I don't tolerate the things. Loved them when I was younger, Mum encouraged me to get coloured ones cos one of her friends had the most amazing sea coloured eyes with the things.... but now alas two hours and they dry out so much they fall out! Anyway, I am very tired of walking places. I catch the bus too instead of driving, as long as I don't have to do lots of connections cos half hour waits are No Fun especially when it is raining. That means more walking. It is Very Good For Me but today I am over walking. Tomorrow may be different.

I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow! Rain is very very good for California but I have had enough of grey for the time being. I need to return a heap of books to the library and don't want to get them wet. I want to take pics of things, like the whack flowers I got at the market yesterday, my current WIP (I am concentrating on one thing and only knit sock when I am on the bus) and maybe see some sun. My solar power batteries need a little top up. Remember it is all about me! I make sacrifices for the environment (I *could* have driven my car to the op shop, supermarket and post office today but I walked and took the bus instead) so it has to make a little one or two for me too!

Four sleeps until Stitches West! Woot!



  1. I love walking too :) but I agree with you about the rain.


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