FO - undeserving socks

G'day all!

I'm running a bit late on posting these:

The undeserving husband socks! (As modelled by yours truly because DH was not around to show them off. Hence the toes and heels are too big. And the legs are bumpy cos I put them on over my socks.)



Cuff pattern.

A fancy pants shot of the gusset curving away into the distance.

I was very excited today - I had my first Etsy sale! Yay! And then a second one is pending. Thanks to those who have bought and to those who are spreading the good oil. I appreciate it!

Heh. Boring tale but a milestone for me after that rotten cold I caught for New Year. Yesterday I walked more than 5km, all dragging my little red trolley-lolly-lo. I had to send a parcel off so I thought I would give the drugstore's post service a try. Well after dragging the trolley the km there, it turns out that they don't offer insurance on the parcel and this was a parcel I really thought should be insured. I found this out at 3:30pm. The local post office shuts at 4pm. I needed to get groceries from WF, so I shot in there and flew around (with my bat wings, doncha know!), then at 3:35pm started trotting off to the post office. I walked the almost two km in just under 20 minutes, dragging trolley-lolly-lo all the way and he is a drag!, and sent the parcel off at closing time. *phew!* That's a load off me. I thought to reward my hard efforts with a sorbet from the nicecream shop (it really does have great flavours - Gelato Classico in Campbell, not quite opposite the Coop). Alas, only $1 could be scrounged from my wallet and I hate using the card for small purchases. And $1 won't even buy me a bottle of water. Sniff. I had to go sit in the yarn shop and let yarn fumes revive me. But no purchases! I have plenty of yarn and Stitches is coming up at the end of next week. Holy guacamole what a yarn fest that will be!

This evening, a neighbour's smoke alarm went off for 15 minutes straight. Easily. His neighbours were all coming outside to see what the noise was about and if we should call the fire brigade. It wouldn't take them long to respond - they are only a couple of hundred metres down the road.... Come to think of it, it might be faster to go there and bang on the door than ring 911. Anyway, there was a chap cooking in the abominably bleeping place and a neighbour across the way said she could see that he was naked. At that point we all looked at each other and shuddred. Noone was going to knock on that door! The noise shut up eventually, thank heavens.

Now I dunno about you but I don't think we could keep this apartment warm enough in winter to run around nekkid. Also given how often hot oil spatters me on the hands (or the other day on the upper lip - try running that under cold water!), I cannot imagine what it would be like to get hot oil/fat on a nipple or (horrors) the tender hairy bits (remember hair is nicely flammable).

With that charming thought I bid you



  1. Love the socks, hope he appreciates them!!

    As for the weirdy naked bloke, ewwww!

  2. Ha hahahah! That story is too hilarious. The stripey socks are looking lovely as well -- they are definitely making me crave some sock-striping-goodness.

    Congrats on your first Etsy sale!

  3. Hmmm... I would have called 911 anyway - let him explain to them why he is cooking naked and letting the fire detector go off forever.

    Besides, there is always the possibility it isn't what he is cooking that set it off.

    Nice socks, btw. Sorry you didn't have the dosh for sorbet - that place really is killer. Lemon ...mmmmmmm!

  4. Shudder (glancing over at the house behind us where a guy lives alone..)!

    I love those stripey socks :)

  5. Great socks for your husband!!

    Glad you got your package off in time, but yikes, what a neighbor!


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