G'day all!

This is a dull post. Sorry! Progress is being made against the second sock. I say against because as always, I would prefer to be knitting something else than a second sock. I have to have the second sock done by Friday night. It is very possible, I just have to pull my finger out and *do* it!


The hat has not been touched for a day. I've been busy working on Other Stuff (to be shown in a later post).

As I said last time, I've been spinning up a storm.

This is a sneak peek at my favourite skein. Normally I would not part with such a happy lurid skein of yarn, but I can get more of the top at Stitches West in a couple of weeks :-) I have to put it and others up on my Etsy store. First comes the editing of the pics, then the measuring of the length of each skein and the weighing. I could work out WPI but I usually eyeball the yarn and say what the yarn thickness is. It all takes time, I do so love all the colours that digital cameras have difficulty capturing accurately = lots of colour fiddling, and I am a slacker. I have prolly 50 things to list and it all gets on top of me. I should just list five items a day - that would take anywhere from an hour to two hours to do, not a whole week. I think I don't list things as quickly as I should cos the payback isn't that great as I can't charge what things are worth given the time I put into them if I want to sell anything. (Which is funny in itself cos I have not sold anything online anyway! LOL Ah, it goes around and around.)

I thought I might go out today, get out of the place but it has started raining! Rain is very good but if I am trawling around on the bus and light rail and wandering around shops, it can get a bit soggy. I guess nature is telling me to pull my finger out and get to editing pics and weighing yarn and counting threads to see how long the yarn is....



  1. What a beautiful skein!

  2. I liked this post. love the colour of your hat, love the colour of your sock and loove how bright that skein is!!!

  3. would it help if i t old you i'd passed your etsy shop on to the editor of the ESotD at the daily chum? (you have an in, my dear!)


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