Stitches - even more

G'day all!

Day two of Stitches West. Oh boy. I am starting to get over it somewhat!!!

Here's the haul so far:


I must point out the lovely Tactile twist of top in the bottom centre of the pic - it is yummy yummy yummy but I didn't get a good close shot of it.

But I didn't take a pic of the thing that makes me happy happy happy!

So what did I get?

Two bags of Stella. This doesn't get a top rating on Ravelry but it is a blend I can wear next to my skin.

stitches_stella _purple
I've already cast on a Hey Teach with the purple. ('Scuse the bodgy job with the colour correction)

I think I'll overdye the hot pink (which is currently a match for my hot pink winter jacket - I seem to like some colours!).

A bag of Shire (100% silk) in a pale green that is impossible to photograph, just like most of the coloured stuff I have bought. LOL It doesn't get a good rating on Ravelry either but eh, I can wear silk and I can dye it too!

I queued for what felt like HOURS to buy this tunisian crochet hook from Stitch Diva after seeing the afghan demonstrated by the diva. There was some sort of hold up. Anyway I plan to cut up a whole heap of old tshirts and thrifted tops and make some rugs with it. I think that will be faster than normal crochet or knitting and will look *fantastic.*

I met Lucy Neatby :-) I have a happy stitch on my new foldie bag that I made myself. Oh, no pic of that either. D'oh! She had the coolest docs on - one was hot pink, the other teal/aqua, decorated by Lucy of course. Apparently she has a friend with a pair just like them!

Some more rainbow merino from Royal Hare.

Sock blanks from the Indie Dyer. (why didn't most of us think of that name?)

Last year I dreamed about this yarn for some time after the fact. This year I drooled over a heap of colours but came home with the aquamarine and blue/periwinkle. This is a hank of silk and merino, 250y in 100g. (Doncha love the mixed measures there - yards and grams?) I'll have to wash it before I play with it - it is rather perfumed though it just plain smelt of silk when I bought it I thought. Odd!

Only one more day to go! I've met up with a heap of people, some expected, some unexpected. It's been fun! It surprises me how many people I know here now, all because of knitting. So local knitty community take a bow! It has been great meeting you and I hope to meet many more!



  1. What a wonderful way to spend the weekend! You've bought some lovely yarns and fibres :) It is so neat you got to meet Lucy Neatby!!

  2. hey I have one of those hooks, hsven't used it yet though.

  3. OK, now it's official: I'm GREEN with envy! Love your haul, and am intrigued by the huge crochet hook. Wish I'd seen that demo! And you met LUCY!

    But wait...where's the fleece you bought? You didn't forget it at the booth, did you?

    And can't wait to hear what you score on Day Three...

  4. Holey Cow what a haul!!!I love the bluey one at the bottom!!!


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