Alas our garden... and ramblings

Not such a g'day all!

It is 46.4C in my home city at present. It feels like 49.8C. That's 115F and feels like 121F in the old scale. Whatever system you use, it is extremely hot for a place with a Feb average of about 25C.

Alas our garden of interesting native plants, roses and fruit trees. I am not sure how any of it can survive this heat. Tank water and grey water can't be enough. Hopefully some plants will tough it out.

At the same time, it has rained all day here. Not really heavy rain, only about a centimetre since midday, but it is rain which is desperately needed both here and Back 'Ome. We've only had a couple of inches of the 12 or so expected this rain season/winter.

So when the going gets tough, the tough get into their sock yarn collection and pick out some yarn and some patterns for the mystery grab bag! Alas I don't have enough smallish bags to stick the yarn and patterns into. Also I don't have every month covered but given I probably will make my undeserving husband more socks later in the year, this may not be a bad thing. Plus i already have on sock on the needles from November and husbandly valentine's socks to finish and the second rainbow mini mochi sock to make....

I am more fussed about spinning down some fibre stash at present. I've been reading a thread on Ravelry about do you have enough yarn to last out the recession? I am guessing that with a sock yarn collection that will last about four years, about 4 jumpers' worth of yarn, quite a number of recycled yarns and pre-recycled yarns, then the remains of 12 or so fleeces I have (or will have) enough yarn to last quite some time (not including the random skeins of pretties that fill three 66qt tubs, the hand spun odd lot skeins already in existence, the yarn I've dyed up to sell....). I want to reduce the fibre stash and make sweaters out of it, like a Feb lady sweater. Yes they are last year's fad but I still like them. It is just finding time to do it all, says the non-employed one. Not spinning laceweight will help - you should see what I am currently spinning, lol. I have to ply it up. It is very pretty, IMO.

One good thing, apart from being able to stash shop, is that Nathan doesn't really mind. He sees it as stuff that can have something made out of it. If I have to have a collection well at least this one is useful!

(Should I mention the tub of fabric that has grown since we got a sewing machine? I've been making pillowcases but want to make little baggies and bigger baggies for me, mebbe the Etsy shop, but for some reason I am too wussy to cut into any of the fabrics. Anyone got any good patterns, too?)

(The fabric stash just got bigger - Target had half-price organic cotton sheets in a light green. I bought one set for us to use on the bed and one set to cut up or use for quilting. I figured it was the cheapest way to get organic cotton...)



  1. Oh I hope your garden will survive. Usually when it gets that hot here it starts to look like winter. Bare trees and hybernating plants. But our plants are used to that sort of heat. SO I hope yours won't fair too badly.

  2. Yikes that is HOT!! I would not be a happy bunny at all in that sort of weather.

    Have you seen this site:

  3. Isn't it awful about the fires in Oz? We live in the Southern Highlands of NSW and even there, where it's normally a LOT cooler, temps have been in the high 30s a lot. Poor people...we lost our house in the Oakland Hills of California in the 1991 firestorm, so I can really feel for them.

    And as for you...all hope is now officially lost! You are tippy-toeing into quilting in addition to knitting and spinning, and that way lies madness. Ask me how I know...

    Have you seen my post on this super simple string quilt? It's pretty, simple to do, uses up lots of scraps, and can be varied in terms of color almost endlessly.

    Or if you want to venture into stars, check out this one: It also has those fun wonky pieced words for the border...very fun. Here's a link to the Pale Star block used in the center:


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