Nothing like an FO

G'day all!

There is nothing like a dame... and this is nothing like an FO!


But it is moving right along. I knitted from the second aqua stripe whilst waiting for the bus, sitting on the bus, waiting for the bus, sitting on the bus, waiting for the bus, etc. The yarn is one of the Online stable. As with most of the German/similar sock yarns, I doubt I could wear this sock, so it is just as well that this is an Undeserving Husbandly sock.

I have to put in a protest vote. I want a new body. Yep. My protest vote is against myself. I had a very nice, if late, lunch of left over mild curry from Sunday night. It was very pleasant and I gobbled it up, as much as you can gobble anything that involves lots of runny stuff that needs a spoon not a fork. Half an hour later? Bang! Two hours of extreme twitchiness and funny stuff happening around the base of my ribcage. I am starting to wonder if my gall bladder is dodgy, along with my gut and both my shoulders. (Shoulders? R bicep tendonitis now. Because one is playing up the other is out on sympathy. Great. My shoulders have formed their own union. Causes chest tightness, as the biceps tendon sorta overlays the pectorals, which causes a certain nervousness, and also interferes with the muscles of the shoulder blade, which affects the neck, etc etc etc.) My chiro wishes she had my flexibility - I just want a body that is normal, that doesn't flop around so much and put itself out of whack so easily, oh and can I have an upgrade on my immune system too please, one that is not allergic to or intolerant of so many things. Is that too much to ask for?

You lucky lucky folk now get to see a couple of purchases the other day - we went for a drive to see Monarch butterflies hibernating, sodding little goobers weren't, and ended up with two more coffee mugs instead.

My lord, I have discovered pure GREEN! This is a truly lurid uranium green. DH saw it and not even orange was good enough for him! It had to be the green mug.

But I wanted pussy cats. I saw a pink version of this teapot set in Fort Collins when we first moved there and have lusted after one ever since. Finding a pink one is hard! I can get them in blue or green or white (ivory) but I want a PINK one.


So I've settled for a pink mug for the time being. Note how well it coordinates with my hand.

Oh, and I am glad to know I am not the only one who is reaching SABLE with spinning stuff! I would show a pic of the storage area except I thought I had a recent shot and can't find it. It doesn't show the true horror, of course, but can we just say 2/3 of a large closet may give some idea? At least in looking for the pic of the stash, I came across something else.

I don't think I ever showed off this little number, knitted last year and sent off to a lovely little baby in Australia. The singlet basically followed a pattern, the pants were reverse engineered, pretty much literally as I did them top band down in case I ran out of yarn.


I used corn yarn cos his mum is allergic to wool. She assures me that it will never be ironed but appreciates the fact it can be machine washed and tumble dried.

I have new stash to flash. :-) My bad!



  1. Lovely FOs and I love the pink cat mug!


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