I can haz parsil

G'day all!

I've been in a flurry of finishing again.

Socks were knitted for DH. They are done and dusted and given to him for Valentine's Day. Do not ask what I was given - DH does not have a romantic bone, ahem, in his body. Instead he said he felt unwell. I had asked that I not have to cook, so what happened?

* Made myself pancakes for breakfast
* Cooked risotto for lunch, and
* Cooked lamb stew for dinner!

Can I just say I did an excellent job too! Alas, the kitchen is still feral cos Nathan has the job of emptying the dishwasher, which he tends to forget to do. If the dishwasher is full of clean dishes then I can't stick the dirty ones in and things snowball. I could put the dishes away but I hurt my right shoulder and anything at or above shoulder height = hurties and wobbliness, and guess what height the crockery lives at and in which corner of the kitchen?

So Valentine's Day was a write-off. Not unusual.

Just as well that I have friends like the lovely Mrspao who send me presents!

What a beauty! Lindt, some lovely Fyberspates BFL, a sheep brooch, a teensy little notebook, lip balm (made in the US, lol), a pencil witha gumboot (so I can give things The Boot!), card, zip bag and

Montezuma chocolate mango! Nom nomnomnomnom!

I have already negotiated safe passage of the choc mango into my mouth alone - I gave up the Lindt in its place.

The zip bag fascinated me.

Hours of fun for the whole family!



Well it amused me.

I've also finished the latest beret - it is blocking.

Weather has been shocking here - it has rained ALL day and I've been out in it twice. Farmers' market was small today and very soggy. I was rather soggy too by the time I walked home, even with my big fuzzy jumper and even bigger rainbow umbrella. The rain is fantastic and I am not knocking it at all - we really need it. Hopefully a bunch of snow has fallen on the Sierra Nevada cos without that we will we on water restrictions and the farmers in Central Valley won't have anything to irrigate their crops with.

Here's the clouds outside Bobbin's Nest yesterday afternoon. Amazing, non?



  1. Awwww :) I am so glad you liked the zip bag - I picked it out for you ages age. Couldn't resist!!!

  2. Hi Lynne!

    Beautiful picture! Thanks for the shout out! ~Erin


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