And now for something...

G'day all!

Recently I've been doing something a little different.


Do you love how wrinkly they are?

At least you can tell they are 100% cotton.

Why iron them if you are about to crumple them up in a bag?

(The first one that I made plenty of mistakes on though it is one of my favourites and first in use!)

If I make some to sell then I'll iron them. But not before.

I've had fun with the fancy stitches on the sewing machine - some fish skeletons for the blue cat bag:

and some pretties for the pretty bag. I *really* like the print on that bag - I want to get more of the fabric to make a summer top for me!

They are a bit wonky yet but I am not fussed. They are for me! Oh and they are not all finished - I need to do a little hand finishing and couldn't find any of the needles I have, not a single one! Hasn't stopped me from using them.

I've also made a few flannelette pillowcases cos I had some material and I do love soft warm fuzzy pillowcases.

I do have knitting to show off but that is for another day. I also have updated my etsy shop with a few bits (springtime yarn, brurquoise yarn, stitchmarkers). Plenty more to come if I can ever get the camera to see the turquoise and green colours accurately enough that I can jigger them to within a semblance of reality.

Now it's time for


"But it's natural! You can't be allergic to it?" How many times have those of you with allergies heard that one? Hooray for science! (Oh and pollen is natural, so is dander and noone disputes they can cause allergies!)

Your financial risk profile may be genetic - just as some people love jumping off cliffs, so some people love risk taking on investments.

We have to go see this wave organ in SF. It might be a little out of your way though.

Talking cats on youTube, another cat reacting to the vid, and what they are *really* saying. Man I could spend hours watching YouTube and "reading" LOLcats.

The pic in this story about a rift zone in Siberia really doesn't fit with our usual ideas of Siberia, does it?

This lady is 100 years old - isn't she doing well! She has a story to tell.

An etsy shop raising money for the Victorian bushfire fund. And a blog with a similar idea.

Oakly doakly, that's yer bloomin lot!



  1. Oooh pretties :)

  2. Karen S7:40 am

    Impressed with your little baggies; not impressed with the rain - send some here, please. There has been nothing in the news but the fires etc - death toll now 200. Since Jan 1, the average rainfall for Melbb is 77mm. This year we have had - 2.2mm!!!!!!!!!!!! No bloody wonder the place burnt. The grass is crispy brown; the heatwave the week before the fires was beyond belief.

    I used to think Hobart was a likely starter to get away from summer - may have to change the idea to Dunedin or Stewart Island (NZ), or Heard Island. This place has gone to hell without benefit of handbaskets!

  3. Like the little baggies!

    Nice article on Baikal, incredible place, remember it from palaeobotany and other lectures.


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